These 6 books – 5 individual collections and one exquisite catalogue – are all available to buy as paperbacks or download as pdfs.

We believe that money should never be a barrier to culture. So the pdf of each of these amazing books is available to download for free. On the other hand, we believe that those who create culture should be paid (to which end we put our money where our mouth is and unlike pretty much every other poetry press paid everyone an advance), and we also love books – so we humbly beseech you to buy the paperbacks!

To download the pdfs, simply click the covers. To order the paperbacks, follow the instructions in bold below. We will be adding reviews as they come in, but for more details of the special editions, click here, and of the catalogue, click here.

To order your copy of any (or indeed all) of these titles, simply Paypal £6 per title (or £15 for the special edition of the catalogue – £6 for the regular edition) to and add £1 each title for UK postage or £3 for postage anywhere in the world outside the UK, and stating which collection(s) you would like and your address. At today’s exchange rate that’s US$13.82 incluiding postage and shipping to the US, CA$14.02 to Canada, AU$13.86 to Australia and 10.66 Euros to Europe.


animal magnetism cover

The limited edition of Animal Magnetism is SOLD OUT. There will be a regular edition available soon.

kiran cover

The limited edition of wide-shining is SOLD OUT. There will be a regular edition available soon.

emily cover

andy cover

“The book is beautiful in its brevity and it is packed full of very human truth.” (Words With Jam)

jared cover


catalogue cover

(this is the pdf of the collector’s edition)


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