OK, so things are getting busy preparing for the launch here, so here’s a little peek at some of what’s to come – our exhibition poster and the gorgeous set of covers for our limited edition books, which will be available to pre-order from May 10th for just £6 each + £1 each postage in the UK, £3 to anywhere in the world.

And in addition to that, we are delighted to say you will be able to buy any and all direct from us at the 2013 Saboteur Awards on May 29th, the UK’s leading awards show for pamphlets and spoken word (but do pre-order to reserve copies to pick up on the night).

I’m sure you’ll agree that together this makes an absurdly elegant set. Huge thanks to Eleanor Bennett, who has just become 2013 CIWEM Young Environmental Photographer of the Year to go with her many other awards.

final poster
animal magnetism coverkiran coveremily coverandy coverjared coversoftcore cloudstep cover

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