A Moment In Time


The NOTHING TO SAY catalogue is now available in beautiful paperback (DOWNLOAD THE FREE PDF here), in two different formats and with a variety of ways to buy. Above you see the beautiful paperback in regular format and on regular paper, completing the set alongside our limited editions. You can purchase this by Paypalling songsfromtheothersideofthewall@googlemail.com (we aim to hold 5-10 copies in stock at any time) – £7 per copy will get you free UK postage. £9 for the first copy and £8 per copy thereafter and we’ll send it anywhere in the world for you. If you would rather buy from an external source in the shape of our printer, you may do so here for £7 + p&p Alternatively you can pick up a copy from me at any reading for just £6.

catalogue coverIf you want the pièce de la resistance, why not treat yourself to this unctuous special edition (DOWNLOAD THE FREE PDF HERE so you can examine the beautiful layout for yourself before buying). It’s 9″/21cm square, and printed on silk finish 100gsm paper with a colour interior and acres of white space to show off every single piece to its very best. It is available here from the printer for £15 + p&p

NOTHING TO SAY represents a moment in literary time. It blends six full collections from writers across the literary spectrum with a catalogue of wonderfully diverse individual works and a series of one-off events and exhibitions that include readings at Magdalen Road Studios in Oxford and Three Minute Theatre in Manchester, ensemble performance at Stoke Newington Literary Festival, and a week-long exhibition in the basement gallery of the Albion Beatnik Bookstore in Oxford. For all its diversity, what lifts NOTHING TO SAY above the level of a set of poetry collections is the curatorial thread woven through it. These are collections, pieces, and performances chosen because they tackle head-on the glorious complexity of life. No piece is aridly intellectual, no piece one-dimensionally humorous or political or even beautiful. Each work addresses with one strand the myriad issues facing life in the 21st Century and with another a history of thought and culture stretching back into classical times. So from P A Levy’s experimental visual poetry and Andy Harrod’s multimedia and typographical experimentation through Errol McGlashan’s London Lonely, which has been received to rapturous receptions at poetry slams across the UK and Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s deliciously askance retellings of classical myths, each layer of NOTHING TO SAY contributes, like the planes of a cubist masterpiece, not only its own fully-realised presence but a new element of a whole that seeks to release everyone who reads it so they can experience their own lives in their own wonderful voices.

find the individual contributors

(this catalogue also contains a poem chosen from each of our 6 collections)

Humphrey Astley http://www.hvck.co.uk/
Andrea Coates http://andreacoates.blogspot.ca
Howie Good http://apocalypsemambo.blogspot.co.uk/

Penny Goring http://pennygoring.wordpress.com/
Anna Hobson http://makewordsnotwar.wordpress.com

Dan Holloway http://danholloway.wordpress.com
P A Levy http://www.cluelesscollective.co.uk

Errol McGlashan https://www.facebook.com/errol.mcglashan
Nikul Patel http://nikulele.tumblr.com/
Anna Percy http://mostlynocturnalscribbler.wordpress.com/
AM Ringwalt http://annemalinringwalt.tumblr.com/

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