art is very simple
build a poetics of hope
one truth at a time
until every soul sings
its own beautiful song

NOTHING TO SAY is the first literary exhibition to be held by the conceptual publisher 79 rat press.

 79 rat press exists in the belief that literature needs a mouthpiece equivalent to the bold impresario figures who brought conceptual art to the watercooler in the 1990s, and with the intention of creating moments in contemporary literature that bring an awareness of the glorious, spectacular possibilities of words to everyone who has been led to believe that poetry is essentially uninteresting, unchanging or unimportant. Poetry is the means by which each human being can be freed to speak the complexity of their life as they experience it in their own unique voice.
NOTHING TO SAY, to be held in summer 2013, will consist of live installation/exhibition/shows, a series of 6 limited edition books showcasing the most original and exciting new voices in literature (as we see it), and a dazzling catalogue featuring works from a further 10-20 writers.

On this website you will find a full media kit with regularly updated press releases, as well as information about contributors. From May 1st 2013 you will be able to download the exhibition catalogue and from May 20th you will be able to download all the contributions and order the limited edition physical copies.

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