NOTHING TO SAY is not a publication. Nor is it a spoken word night. Nor is it a tour. Best think of it as an installation, a happening, comprising many parts. Some of those parts involve events At those events you will be able to hear amazing literature, see amazing literature, and buy amazing literature. Here are some details.

29 May – Saboteur Awards at the Book Club, London. We have a stall at the UK’s premier awards night for spoken word and underground literature, where you can collect pre-ordered copies of our books, meet a couple of our authors, and enjoy the rest of a wonderful night

1 June – 6pm Art and literature at the studio of artist Tom de Freston in Oxford featuring poetry by Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Dan Holloway, Claire Trevien, Lucy Ayrton, James Purcell Webster

8 June – NOTHING TO SAY/The New Libertines at Stoke Newington Literary Festival – we have performed to sell out crowds at one of the UK’s most exciting, innovative literary festivals for the past two years. Now we will be bringing NOTHING TO SAY there.

10-16 June – NOTHING TO SAY installation in the basement gallery of the Albion Beatnik Bookstore, Oxford, with art and literature and much much more, a dedicated space to immerse yourself for hours on end, deep into the night, in the most exciting literature. With a drinks reception on the evening of the 10th, and a spoken word night on the evening of the 14th

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